Magento extension to charge import duty & taxes and offer a DDP service


Date: 23 Oct 2015

Version 0.4.10

Our DutyCalculator extension enables you to charge accurate import duty & taxes at moment of purchase and offer your products at a total landed cost to your international customers. With the extension, you can classify products, calculate and charge accurate import duty & taxes at checkout and generate commercial invoices and packing lists with all required information.

Now your international customers can make informed purchase decisions, with the confidence that they will not face any unexpected customs charges. Further advantages are a better customer experience and reduced return shipments and unpaid custom charges. The DutyCalculator extension requires a DutyCalculator API account. The extension itself is free to download and install.


The DutyCalculator extension:

  • Covers over 850,000 products for 141 key import countries. If you feel we do not cover your product, you can file a request and we will add it within 24 hours.
  • Is fully customizable to match the style of your website. You can opt to show the import duty & tax charges in the shopping cart, on the checkout page, or both.
  • Enables you to classify your product catalog yourself, or make use of DutyCalculator Managed Classification Services.
  • Calculates accurate import duty & taxes at moment of purchase to offer a landed cost price.
  • Generates commercial invoices and packing lists, with accurate, up-to-date 10-digit HS codes for country of destination.
  • Includes the refund of import duty & taxes when a customer returns a product.
  • Offers full reporting functionality of all your international transactions.
  • Option to respect or ignore Free Trade Agreements if applicable.
  • Ability to charge Delivery Duty Paid (DDP), Delivery at Place (DAP), or give the customer the choice.


How it works

The DutyCalculator extension covers 3 key parts:

  • Classification of products: Import duty & tax rates depend on the country of destination, type and value of product. To determine the accurate rates, you need to classify your product catalog and select for each product the appropriate DutyCalculator category. You can do this product by product from the Magento Product Information section or you can make use of the DutyCalculator Rapid Classification tool.
  • Calculation of import duty & taxes: Using the product classification, product values and shipping costs, DutyCalculator calculates accurate import duty & taxes and adds these to the charges in the checkout. All import duty & tax information is added to the order info, at product level.
  • Generation of documents: Once an order is confirmed, DutyCalculator generates the commercial invoice and packing lists, including full-digit HS codes for country of destination. These documents are available for printing from the Magento order section.



Please see the extension installation guide here for additional information and guidance with setup. You can get your account and API key here.

Any questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.


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