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Besides import duty and VAT, what are the additional taxes I need to be aware of?

In addition to Customs Duty and VAT, imports may be subject to additional taxes. For example:

  • Excise Duty applies to alcohol, tobacco, and fuel products. Some countries may levy Excise Duty on other products too.
  • Environmental Taxes are applied in some countries on products like vehicles or producst made of plastic.
  • Other various taxes may apply such as Customs admin-related charges, or different types of federal or state taxes.
  • Anti-dumping duty may apply in some countries to certain products deemed to be sold at prices lower than the normal value of the product (e.g. imports of leather footwear and bicycles from China or Vietnam into the EU). Similarly, retaliatory duties may apply to certain products produced in the US when imported into the EU.
    Please Note: DutyCalculator does not cover anti-dumping duties or retaliatory duties.

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