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Spinning three plates

What a week, what a week. We’ve been busy keeping three plates spinning. First plate: our corporate site We launched the site on Tuesday, received many compliments, had our celebratory lunch at Wagamama for £38.12 (yes, we are on a tight budget), sobered up and moved on. One plate down, two more to go. Second plate: the Duty Calculator. The alpha version was released to a limited public (Marc, Kevin, Sean and me + the clever ones amongst you) on Monday and we are currently testing and stabilizing it. End of next week we’ll be looking for your help to spot bugs we no longer see and to help us make the duty calculator a great product. Third plate: The Project Known As Top Secret [TPKATS]. We commissioned this project this week with our friends at iTransition and effect. Hurray! But we are not there just yet, still we need to add more and more detail to the spec. TPKATS is big, TPKATS is enormeous, TPKATS is a monster take care, have a great weekend andre

Here we are!

today we launched our corporate website. hurray! one site done, many more to come we are really happy with the site. Pesh and James from effect took our ok idea and turned it into a really cool site, in record time. well done guys! in conjunction with the site we are starting our blog, by which we’ll keep you up to date with key developments at Bundle Tech. we are glad to be here, keep an eye on this space, you’ll be hearing from us Andre Bundle Tech