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Overview DutyCalculator API services

DutyCalculator API enables a merchant to charge accurate import duty & taxes at checkout, offering a total landed cost to their international customers. The API allows merchants to classify their product catalog, charge accurate import duty & taxes at checkout and create required documentation (commercial invoice, packing list) including 10 digit HS codes of country of destination.

When a merchant offers customers to pre-pay import taxes at the moment of purchase, it is important to get import taxes right, at the moment of purchase AND at the moment of customs clearance, to offer the correct import taxes to the customer and to ensure correct declarations to avoid over-payments. Key for this are cost-effective product classification, accurate import duty & tax calculations and proper import documentation.

For the classification of products, DutyCalculator offers the Classification API which can be embedded in the work flow, or the Rapid Classification Tool or Managed classification services for bulk classifications of whole product catalogs.

The Calculation API will return accurate import duty, sales tax and any additional taxes for the items in the shopping cart. The following can be used as input variables for the product classification: DutyCalculator category ID, Merchant SKU (if Rapid Classification Tool or Managed classification services have been used) or 6 digit / 10 digit HS codes if merchants have these already on file.

Once an international order has been confirmed, the commercial invoice and packing list can be created with the Documentation API, including 10-digit HS codes for country of destination for each of the products.

You can find the countries that are currently covered by DutyCalculator API here.

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